Ghostbusters Revealed For Blists Hill Victorian Town%E2%80%99s Halloween Fright Night %7C Group Travel News

Details for Blists Hill Victorian Town’s Ghostly Gaslight has been revealed – and this year’s event will include a special visit from the Ghostbusters.

The cult characters from the Ghostbusters movies will attend the annual event, bringing with them the giant 31ft paranormal Marshmallow Man and a replica of the iconic Miller Meteor Cadillac car.

Groups are encouraged to dress up in scary costumes for the event whilst avoiding the Marshmallow Man which will loom over the darkened streets, and will have the chance to meet the characters – complete with boiler suits and Proton Back Packs.

Groups will also have the opportunity to take photos with the car and listen to some of the films’ famous sound tracks playing from the cars sound-system.

The car will also have its four bars of emergency lights flashing to ward off the assembled spooks.

Also on the evening of Saturday 29th October, the town’s annual Ghostly Gaslight event will take place, where the streets, shops and houses will be transformed into a replica spooky world with ghosts, ghouls and monsters.

Characters such as a wicked wizard casting spells and a local carpenter seeking victims to nail in his coffin will be wandering the streets, and ghostly apparitions and zombies will appear in the cottages’ windows.

A highlight of the evening will be a fireworks display in front of the old Brick and Tile Works, alongside pyrotechnic displays around the town.

The event runs from 6pm until 9pm, but the attraction is available to visit all day.

Group offers

Groups of 15 or more can benefit from ten per cent discount and free coach booking is available.

Those wanting to make a day of it can visit the attraction earlier in the day and can book guided tours covering most of the museums.

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