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GLT Weekly Newsletter: The best stories, news, features and ideas from the GLT website. Usually sent to your inbox every Thursday, it’s a short, snappy way to read what’s happening and to find your next group experience from the magazine GTOs trust.

Theatreland Spotlight Newsletter: Love theatre? We’ve got that covered too. Focused on all things theatre, from London’s West End to regional treats, ‘Theatreland’ is currently sent out once a month. 

GLT New Issue Alert: While our print edition is going through the presses, we hit the button on making the digital e-magazine live. Once it’s available online, we’ll send you an email from the editor to let you know, with a direct link to the new issue which you can always see (including archives) at Plus, it now also offers an ‘Article View’ so you can bring up an easy reading window which is particularly good for mobile.

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