Torchlit Summer Evenings To Launch At Rhe Roman Baths %7C Group Travel News

This summer, the Roman Baths will extend its opening times so that groups can visit after dark and tour the attraction in torch light.

The Roman Baths will be open until 10pm every evening throughout July and August, and the historic venue will be lit by torches once the sun goes down.

Groups will then have the chance to explore the ancient temple and bathing complex, which is said to be home to Britain’s only hot spring that still flows with naturally hot water.

Visitors can book a standard after-dark tour of the Roman Baths or they can combine tours with a dinner package.

The Torchlit Tour and Dinner at the Roman Baths Kitchen package includes a three course dinner at the Roman Baths Kitchen, which is located opposite the Roman Baths, and a visit to the baths by torchlight.

About the Roman Baths

There are four main features of the Roman Baths; the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House and the museum, which houses artefacts from the Roman period.

This includes objects that were thrown into the Sacred Spring, presumably as offerings to the goddess.

Groups can see more than 12,000 Roman currency coins in the museum and a flit bronze head of the goddess Sulis Minerva, which was discovered nearby in 1727.

Visitors can tour the baths and museum but cannot enter the water.

Personal guides for groups of up to 15 can be arranged, and groups of 20 or more can receive group discounts.

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