The Terrible Infants

Theatre group Les Enfants Terribles will be staging a ten year anniversary production of The Terrible Infants at Wilton’s Music Hall in London this autumn.

The show will run from 27th September until 28th October and feature new material including puppetry and live music.

The Terrible Infants is described as a ‘hugely theatrical, musical and magical’ production that is a collection of twisted short stories by Oliver Lansley and Sam Wyer, which recall both Roald Dahl and Tim Burton.

Groups can expect something a little dark and a little strange as the show revolves round Tumb, a boy who eats his mum; Thingummyboy, with a face even his mother forgets; little Linena, the material girl; manky Mingus; and little Tilly and her terrible tale.

The show will also feature recorded narration by Dame Judi Dench.

The Terrible Infants originally debuted in 2007 before multiple appearances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and nationwide tours.

The production received numerous awards when it debuted a decade ago including Best Entertainment and Outstanding Theatre in the Fringe Report in 2008, as well as Outstanding Artistic Merit from Argus Angel Award.

About Les Enfants Terribles

Run by Oliver Lansley and James Seager, Les Enfants Terribles is dedicated to creating ‘original, innovative and exciting’ theatre. Known for visual aesthetic and innovative use of props, puppetry and live music, the company explores new ways of telling stories to immerse audiences into weird and wonderful worlds.

Previous productions by Les Enfants Terribles include award winning shows such as The Trench and The Vaudevillains; immersive work like Alice’s Adventures Underground; outdoor touring works such as The Marvellous Imaginary Menagerie; and large scale public events for the likes of Save the Children, the British Library and the V&A.

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(Photo credit: Graham Lewis).