British Music Experience at the O2

The British Music Experience (BME) will move from the O2 in London to the Grade II-listed Cunard Building in Liverpool next year; an opening date has been set as 11th February.

The experience will display an extensive collection of music and more than 600 artefacts that pay homage to the impact British music has had on culture, fashion, art and politics.

Groups visiting can also enjoy over 90 hours of audio-visual digital content, of which approximately ten per cent focuses on Liverpool bands and musicians including The Beatles and Cilla Black.

The museum will consist of chronological galleries organised by musical era which follow a timeline of social, political and artistic movements in the UK.

Taking visitors on a comprehensive trip through British music history, the 16,000 square-foot exhibition will have eight interactive spaces which explore different British music genres.

The displays will cover skiffle and rock and roll from 1945, progressing to swinging London and the psychedelia of the 1960s.

Visitors can then learn about glam rock, punk and the new romanticism of the 70s and 80s, before finishing up in the 1990s where they can learn about the UK house music scene and the global phenomenon of ‘Cool Britannia’.

What else will there be at the BME?

In addition to the exhibits, an interactive instrument studio will allow people to unleash the rock ‘n’ roll within them, while others can learn how to do the twist in a dance booth.

Visitors will also discover how immigration changed the UK’s musical landscape, hear how music challenged the status quo and see how iconic musicians conquered the world.

Groups will also have the chance to flick through virtual record collections and listen to tracks. The BME will also have a café and a shop providing a range of music and pop-culture related products.

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