St Fagans National Museum of History

This year is significant for Welsh heritage attraction, St Fagans National Museum of History, with plenty of events and activities for visitors in the coming months. 

The official 70th anniversary of the museum, located on the west side of Cardiff, is 1st July when there’ll be a special cake and curators on hand to share their memories of the museum.

Groups are welcome to discover the history of the open air museum during the celebrations, and throughout the year.

In October, a St Fagans redevelopment project, funded by the National Lottery, Welsh Government and other supporters, will be completed for visitors to enjoy.

New history galleries

In October, new galleries will open in the main building and Gweithdy. Through national archaeology and history collections, visitors will be immersed in the stories of the people of Wales – from the very first inhabitants to present day.

Also opening is Llys Llywelyn, a reconstruction of a Welsh Medieval Princes’ Court from Anglesey, north Wales. Groups can step inside the magnificent building to see how Llywelyn the Great would have lived, feasted and ruled, 800 years ago.

The opening of the galleries and Llys Llywelyn will mark the completion of the St Fagans redevelopment project which is been underway since 2012.

David Anderson, director general, Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales, said: “This is a hugely significant year for St Fagans National Museum of History. We want visitors to be part of celebrating St Fagans in its 70th year, at a point of its transformation to become a museum for the 21st century. It is a museum with a special place in the hearts of the people of Wales and beyond, and this will be reflected in the celebrations.”

Prebooked groups can benefit from free entry and organise a Meet the Curator talk if desired.

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