Yorkshire's Jurassic World

The York Museum’s Trust has announced that Sir David Attenborough will be opening its new exhibition, Yorkshire's Jurassic World.

Attenborough will officially open the Yorkshire Museum’s major new exhibition Yorkshire’s Jurassic World on Friday March 23rd. 

Following the opening, he will take a guided tour of the exhibition which looks at the changing landscapes of Jurassic Yorkshire and the huge creatures which inhabited them. 

Yorkshire’s Jurassic World

The exhibition will focus on the creatures from the Jurassic period, looking at their lives and surroundings, as well as recent research and technology used to study it.

When visiting you’ll get to view the finer details of an ichthyosaur as its flesh and skin are superimposed over its preserved skeleton; serve a sauropod dinosaur its supper as a virtual reality headset reincarnates the oldest sauropod remains ever found in the UK; and more.

You’ll also discover more about York’s past and the prehistoric predecessors through some of the oldest and most fascinating remains in the region.

More about the opening 

Sir David Attenborough said: “I am delighted to be coming to York to open Yorkshire’s Jurassic World. I have been interested in palaeontology and the world of dinosaurs and sea dragons since I was a child. It remains a subject which still fascinates and excites me to this day. 

“I am looking forward to coming to see the internationally significant collections and also to experience the technology which is helping to bring these magnificent creatures to life in new and imaginative ways.”

Reyahn King, chief executive of York Museums Trust, said: “We are thrilled that Sir David Attenborough is able to join us for the opening of Yorkshire’s Jurassic World.”

To arrange a group visit, you can call the group booking department on 01904 687633.

For more information, visit www.yorkmuseumstrust.org.uk