Castle Howard

Castle Howard, in Yorkshire, has just opened a new Mat Collishaw art exhibition which is set to run until 30th September this year.

Castle Howard’s courtyard has been converted into the Courtyard Gallery, hosting an exhibition called The Centrifugal Soul by artist Mat Collishaw. 

Collishaw has worked in partnership with psychologist Geoffrey Miller to produce ‘Centrifugal Soul’, a 3D zoetrope (a pre-film animation device that produces the illusion of motion) based on Miller's theory that the human capacity for making art stems from natural instincts of courtship and reproduction. 

Alongside the atmospheric zoetrope, the exhibition will also feature a new series of prints depicting birds tethered to perches, including a Hawfinch, produced especially for Castle Howard. 

The exhibition will also display a sculpture which animates birds of paradise as they perform elaborate mating dances and extract pollen from wild blossoms. 

In these new works the artist looks further into our ‘seemingly natural urge for visual powerplay’. 

Works on display depict the 17th century fashion for commissioning portraits of prestige pets, made popular through Carel Fabritius' painting, The Goldfinch 1654. 

About Mat Collishaw

Mat Collishaw is a key figure in a generation of contemporary British artists. His broad practice includes sculpture, photography, film and installation, and his work has been exhibited in numerous solo shows around the world, including: Fountains Relief, at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal in 2016. 

More information

Entrance to the exhibition is included with admission price.

For those hoping to visit the attraction in July, Castle Howard will also host a production of The Great Gatsby between 11th and 15th July for those wanting a unique theatre experience.

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