The Roman Baths%2C Bath.

The Roman Baths in Bath is to refurbish its East Baths area with new interactive displays designed to immerse visitors in the sights and sounds of the Roman Bath House.

Groups will be able to watch, listen and step into the Roman Baths and experience what they would have looked like in the first to fourth centuries.

Projections, soundscapes and computer-generated imagery (CGI) reconstructions will be included to help highlight how the Roman Baths – at the height of their popularity – were as a working, living and leisure space.

The East Baths were considered by many to be the women’s quarters of the Roman Baths. They contained a large tepid bath fed by water that flowed through a pipe from the Great Bath, a plunge pool (balneum), hot room (caldarium), warm room (tepidarium) and a changing room (apodyterium).
Patrick Anketell-Jones, cabinet member for economic development at Bath & North East Somerset Council, said: “These imaginative new displays will transform the East Baths, bringing them to life for visitors of all ages. This is part of an ongoing programme of development designed to enhance the award-winning visitor experience at the Roman Baths.”

The refurbishment of the East Baths area is set to commence this autumn, with the opening of the new displays planned for March 2017.

About the Roman Baths

As well as the Roman Bath House, groups can explore the sites Sacred Spring – which has naturally hot water at a temperature of 46°C rise every day – the Roman Temple and the museum, which houses artefacts from the Roman period.

Visitors can tour the baths and museum but cannot enter the water.

Personal guides for groups of up to 15 can be arranged.

Parties of 20 or more can receive group discounts.

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Photo credit: Bath & North East Somerset Council.