The British Music Experience

The British Music Experience (BME), which was scheduled to open in the Cunard Building in Liverpool this February, has announced that it will now open on 9th March.

A spokesperson from the British Music Experience said: “It is extremely important to the BME that every aspect of the visitor experience is of the highest of standard on opening.

“With this in mind, along with the necessary timeline of the co-ordination and installation of over 600 valuable artefacts from many different sources, including the collections on loan from the prestigious V&A Museum, bands and artistes, The BME Trust and The Operator have taken the decision to reschedule the opening of the British Music Experience, Cunard, Liverpool until the 9th March 2017.”

What if you’ve already got tickets?

Group travel organisers who have already purchased tickets between the dates of 11th February and 9th March will be contacted directly by a member of the BME Customer Services team to reschedule an alternative date.

More about the British Music Experience

Groups visiting the BME will be able to take a comprehensive trip through British musical history in a 16,000 square-foot exhibition space that will house and display an extensive collection of music and related memorabilia.

Further highlights will include 90 hours of audio-visual content and artefacts paying homage to the impact British music has had on culture, fashion, art and politics.

Eight interactive spaces will explore different British music genres, from 1945 rock ‘n’ roll, and 1960s psychedelia to the glam rock, punk and new romanticism of the 1970s and 1980s and the UK house music scene of the 1990s.

Groups will also be able to enjoy an interactive instrument studio, plus take the opportunity to learn how to do the twist in a dance booth.

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