Epic Ireland

A new visitor experience to celebrate the global journey of the Irish people has opened in Dublin.

Epic Ireland tells the story of ten million journeys and the roots of 70 million Irish people past, present and future through a range of immersive and interactive galleries.

The galleries are organised into four themes which explore the stories of adventure and tragedy that have shaped the narrative of Irish emigration: migration, motivation, influence and connection.

Groups can learn about the reasons why people through the ages left Ireland – such as war, poverty, adventure, ambition, love, oppression and crime – and discover where they went, what they ended up doing and how the relationship between them and those who stayed behind was affected.

The exhibition will also look at the influence of the Irish abroad in politics, business, science, sport and the arts; and how today’s emigrants maintain their sense of identity and connect to their homeland and heritage.

As well as the interactive exhibition, Epic Ireland also includes the Irish Family History Centre. Entrance into this part of the experience comes at an additional fee but groups can use the facilities on offer to explore their own family story and Irish heritage

Conal Harvey, managing director, Epic Ireland, said: “Epic Ireland provides the opportunity to celebrate and enhance the connectivity between Ireland and those who left, but benefitted from being Irish.

“It will also enable those with no connection to Ireland or its diaspora to have the opportunity to understand this story of the Irish people and why emigration looms so large in the Irish consciousness both in the past and today.”

The visitor experience is located on Custom House Quay, Dublin, in the Grade I listed chq building. 

Discounts are available for groups of 11 or more.

For more information visit www.epicirelandchq.com.