Dinosaurs in the Wild

Birmingham’s NEC is getting ready for the opening of its latest live action show Dinosaurs in the Wild.

The show, which combines theatre, theme park fun and the latest scientific research, is set to open on 24th June.

The show will be running at the Birmingham venue for nine weeks over the summer.

Dinosaurs in the Wild

The show weaves together live sets, cutting-edge computer generated imagery and animatronics to create a believable prehistoric world.

Audiences will be able to see and feel what the world was like millions of years ago under the realm of the dinosaurs.

The 70-minute adventure will transport visitors, who will be guided throughout the show, back 67 million years by time machine to the scientific research station TimeBase 67 run by Chronotex Enterprises, the UK’s pioneering time travel company.

Nine dinosaurs will feature in the experience, including the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex, the iconic Triceratops, the gigantic Alamosaurus and the club-tailed Ankylosaurus.

The immersive experience uses the latest scientific research to truly reflect how these majestic animals looked. 

Group rates are available and can be arranged by calling please call 0800 358 0058. 

Further information

Creative director Tim Haines, who also produced the landmark BBC TV series Walking with Dinosaurs, said: “Dinosaurs were not as lizard like as once thought. Following the latest scientific research revelations, it is believed they would have would have sported everything from spines, quills and even elegant flight feathers. Even Tyrannosaurus could have had a shaggy mane!”

Tim added: “Dinosaurs in the Wild will be the first time the public has seen realistic representations of these animals since these discoveries were made, so it really is a world first opportunity.”

For more information, visit: www.dinosaursinthewild.com