Groups will be transported to 1649 in a new show at the London Dungeon bringing them face to face with King Charles I and his executioner. 

The London Dungeon - Rotten Royals show

The show is based on real-life events around the end of the reign of King Charles I.

Rotten Royals is set at the end of the reign of King Charles I and details his untimely execution after being tried for high treason, and the shocking abolition of the English monarchy for more than a decade.

The show is included in the price of admission, in which groups of ten or more qualify for special rates.

A London Dungeon spokesperson said: “As we’ve welcomed another King Charles onto the throne, it’s only right we pay homage to the first, who paved the way for the modern-day coexistence of our ‘ever-popular’ parliament and monarchy.

“This summer, guests will take a journey through the death of the only British King to have ever been executed. Join the Executioner as he practises his beheading technique - will you be lucky enough to make it out with your head?”

Rotten Royals will run until 4th November 2024.

What to expect

Picture the scene - England has been in the midst of a deadly Civil War for five years, and none other than the King himself is due to be executed after he is found guilty of a being a ‘tyrant, traitor, murderer and public enemy’.

The grisly show places fearful London Dungeon guests in the heart of the preparations for the unique historical event, as Charles I remains the only English King to be tried and executed for treason to this day.

As guests descend into the darkness of the Dungeon, they’ll come face to face with a nervous executioner anxiously practising his swing on the block, as he decides which unfortunate fool is in for the chop, before he brings King Charles I to the same fate.

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