An immersive scary Easter experience called Leporiphobia will be showing at The London Bridge Experience & Tombs from 13th to 15th April.


Leporiphobia – the word means a fear of rabbits – has been created exclusively for Easter about a killer rabbit.

Groups will experience an environment where the killer bunny is on the loose inside the scare maze that is the London Tombs. In the show scenario, although officials have been searching, the rabbit is yet to be found; it is known to lurk in the shadows and pray on the innocent and the scared.

Visitors taking part in the immersive experience should expect an adrenaline-fuelled experience, and to become what the attraction describes as ‘scream kings and queens’ as they run away from the killer rabbit.

Tickets to the experience are available to book now, and a visit will include full entry into the other parts of the attraction.

The London Bridge Experience & Tombs

The London Bridge Experience & Tombs is an interactive tour experience through the arches of London Bridge, which sees visitors exploring the history of the local area and its inhabitants.

Groups will embark on a history lesson into the city’s grimy and haunting past, which includes seeing the great fire of London and watching Queen Boudicca thwart the Romans, before descending into the gothic tunnels under the bridge.

Further highlights include scary appearances from reenactors in the roles of Jack the Ripper, Ben Crouch, and The Keeper of The Heads at London Bridge.

Group booking information

Group rates are available for parties of 15 or more people.

To make a group booking, call 020-7403 6333.

For further information visit