King Kong

The world premiere of a new stage comedy based on the famous story of King Kong will run at The Vaults in London from 22nd June until 27th August.

The new adaptation, still titled King Kong, has been written by Daniel Clarkson, the co-creator of worldwide hit Potted Potter (a production cramming all seven Harry Potter books into 70 minutes). 


The comedy version of King Kong will feature five characters who journey to uncharted waters in search of the Eighth Wonder of the World – a gorilla so enormous he instils fear in all who set eyes on him.

As the hunter becomes the hunted, the story will take audiences to the iconic skyline of New York City where one burning question must be answered: just how many bananas should be ordered in?

Writer Clarkson said: “As a self-confessed cinephile I’m a huge fan of the original 1933 classic King Kong, and have wanted for some time to reimagine it in all its glory as a spoof comedy for the stage. This has proved to be a fantastic challenge… I think that audiences are in for something really special when we unleash this beast in June!”

The show will be directed by Owen Lewis. Casting is yet to be announced.

More about The Vaults

The Vaults is described as an arts platform for the bold, the fresh and the fearless. The theatre has 176 seats and is situated in an abandoned space, in an archway buried deep in the tunnels beneath Waterloo station.

Booking information

Groups of up to 20 can book tickets on the official show website; for bigger parties, GTOs should call 0871-220 0260.

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