Guildford Cathedral

After a major refurbishment, Guildford Cathedral in Surrey will now be offering new guided tours for groups.

The cathedral will be providing a range of tours which will all be led by expert guides, themed by history and religion.

The tours are suitable for groups of between ten and 15 people, although larger groups can also be accommodated for.

What to expect 

There are a number of new tours, including: The Guildford Cathedral Tour, The Treasury and Vestment Tour, and The Tower Tour.

Each guided experience explores various parts of the cathedral and the history behind them.

The tours last approximately one hour but can be adapted to suit the needs of each group.

The cathedral offers a range of exclusive packages for tour organisers and groups as well, which include lunch deals combined with tours.

More about Guildford Cathedral

Guildford Cathedral is often referred to as The People’s Cathedral, in recognition of the personal connections that visitors have with the site.

The cathedral is a Grade II listed building of Church of England.

Events at Guildford Cathedral

Groups wanting to extend a visit to Guildford Cathedral can combine a tour with an event. Taking place between 16th and 18th November, for example, will be the Christmas Gift and Food Fair, which will offer a range of trade stalls in the cathedral and outdoor marquee.

Running throughout the year (and new for 2017) are Free Coffee Concerts, which take place every Thursday and offer music along with refreshments. There are also art exhibitions on display, which can also be enjoyed. 

Guildford Cathedral has also recently launched the Heritage Talks@Two series, which aim to cover the interests of visitors wanting to know more about the local area and the cathedral’s heritage. 

Admission to these talks is free, however groups are advised to register beforehand to secure a place.

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