SS Shieldhall

Southampton’s heritage steamship, SS Shieldhall, has teamed up with Southampton attractions and Hampshire’s Hollycombe Steam in the Country, to offer group packages.

In the Footsteps of Titanic 

One of the group packages being offered is called In the Footsteps of Titanic.

This package will see groups spending the day in Southampton, exploring the city’s maritime connections with the Titanic.

Groups will visit SeaCity Museum and explore the Titanic gallery where artefacts from the ship will be on show. There will also be interactive Titanic-themed displays.

On board the SS Shieldhall, passengers will cruise along Southampton Water, as the Titanic did in 1912, with commentary pointing out iconic spots.

This package will be available on 27th and 29th May, 17th June, 22nd July, and 16th and 17th September.

Steam on Water, Steam on Land, Steam by Day, Steam by Night 

Another group package, which will take place on 16th September, is the Steam on Water, Steam on Land, Steam by Day, Steam by Night package.

This offer will combine a cruise on SS Shieldhall with an evening visit to Hollycombe – Steam in the Country, a vintage fairground.

The cruise itself will explore the Southampton Docks, and groups will get to hear historic tales of the docks. Tours take around two hours and refreshments can be arranged.

About SS Shieldhall

The SS Shieldhall is an example of a typical cargo and passenger ship, alike ones that would have sailed the seas between the 1870s and the 1960s.

The ship is built on the classical structure of a 1920s steamer.

SS Shieldhall is a member of the National Historic Fleet and was constructed in 1955 in the Lobnitz Shipyard in Renfrew.

It was originally used to transport treated sludge to the dumping grounds off of the Firth of Clyde, and later became a ship to carry passengers on pleasure cruises, during summer months.

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