Florimania at Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace’s Florimania will be inspired by the concept of Ladies with Flowers next year.

The event will take place between 24th and 26th March 2017, and will highlight the important and royal women throughout history who have been avid garden and flower enthusiasts.

During Florimania, visitors to Hampton Court Palace will be able to explore the interiors of the historic building which will be decorated with vibrant floral displays.

These displays will be inspired by such women as Queen Mary II and her collection of exotic plants, Marie Antoinette and the gardens of Versailles, and Queen Charlotte at Kew.

Groups will also get the opportunity to get involved with hands-on demonstrations around the palace, which will be provided by flower experts and guides.

During a visit to Florimania, parties will get the chance to explore all other attractions that Hampton Court Palace has to offer, such as the 60 acres of gardens, Henry VIII State Apartments, the Baroque Palace of William and Mary, and the works of art from the Royal Collection.

Groups of more than 15 people will be entitled to discounted entry to Florimania and Hampton Court Palace.

More about Hampton Court Palace

In 1838, young Queen Victoria demanded that Hampton Court Palace be opened up to all her subjects. 

Before this, the palace had only been open to people of a certain social standing, however the Queen wanted to make sure that people of all backgrounds and classes were entitled to tour the building.

Today, groups can visit many parts of the palace and can enjoy the various exhibitions and displays that run throughout the year.

For more information visit www.hrp.org.uk