Four Miles From Manchester

A free exhibition looking at the early life of Tony Warren, creator of Coronation Street, is now running at Salford Museum and Art Gallery.

The display, which will also involve associated 60s inspired events, will be running until 3rd July.

Coronation Street is currently the longest running continuing drama in the world, and the exhibition will remember this, along with its creator.

The exhibition, Four Miles from Manchester, will showcase aspects of Warren’s life, documenting him growing up in Salford. Original scripts and other items from his early writing career will be on show, telling the story of his journey to creating the drama, considered an innovation of its time.

It will also bring to life aspects of his life and the show, such as a replica living room scene from the 1950s/60s. 

Visitors will also get the opportunity to watch the first ever episode of Coronation Street and see personal items and photographs of Tony Warren brought together for the first time.  

Group tours are available and can include lunch and refreshment options too.

Associated events at Salford Museum and Art Gallery

60s Inspired Wall Hangings: This event, on 25th March, will be inspired by the prints and fabrics on show in the early day. During the workshop, you’ll be invited to make your own 60s prints. 

Model Making for TV: Taking place on 12th March and 16th April, discover how production designers use models to explain their studio designs to directors. Have a go at designing a simple set and then make a card model to take home.  

Coronation Street Villains: This event on 23rd May is a discussion of the antagonists that have populated Coronation Street over the years looking at how these villains have generated conflict and meaning from the earliest days of the programme to the current crop of villains.

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