Journey into Space%2C The Eden Project

Cornwall’s Eden Project has launched a brand new space themed exhibition which will allow visitors to explore the solar system this summer.

The new exhibition, Journey into Space, will be open until 3rd September.

The Solar System Safari will be the centrepiece of the space season, and will see the iconic attraction filled with space-themed fun, including astronaut training and a chance to come face to face with an alien visitor.

Journey into Space

The Solar System Safari will begin with a giant, moving projection of the sun, complete with solar flares shooting from its surface.

Visitors will then move through the solar system which will be made up of projections and special effects giving them the chance to feel and experience what each planet is believed to be like.

The Eden Project’s garden is inspired by Caribbean planting and landscapes and will feature a waterfall, lagoon and a veranda to show human dependence on plants, representing Earth.

There is also an Alien Encounter experience which involves decoding and learning about possible alien life form.

Groups visiting can also have a go on a virtual reality space ride, as well as meet experts for talks and demonstrations.

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The Journey into Space adventure has been devised and built by Eden’s production team in collaboration with experts from the UK’s National Space Centre and the European Space Agency.

Chris Pritchard, Eden’s programme producer, said: “The solar system safari will be the centrepiece of our biggest, most ambitious summer holiday programme yet. It will be grand and awe-inspiring, offering our visitors the chance to walk on the surface of planets where no humans have ever visited.

“We hope that experiencing the barren grandeur of our solar system before returning to the lush and exotic gardens representing Earth will give people a new sense of perspective and encourage them to better look after our planet.”

The Eden Project consists of a Rainforest Biome, Mediterranean Biome, Outdoor Gardens, Western Australia Garden, a treetop canopy and more.

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