The East Baths in Bath are set to reopen this April following a renovation, and will feature new displays depicting what the Roman Baths would have been like in the past. 

Included in the new displays will be projections, soundscapes and CGI reconstructions to show what the Roman Baths would have looked like when they were used by the Romans.

The displays will enable visitors to watch, listen and step into the bath area to discover its history and experience how it would have felt.

The new interpretations will reveal how the Baths were segregated by gender, with the eastern range occupied by females and the west by males, which would have been in line with Imperial Edicts issued at the time.

Stephen Clews, Roman Baths and Pump Room manager, said: “These immersive new displays will improve the East Baths experience for visitors of all ages, adding to the award-winning visitor experience at the Roman Baths.”

Also new will be the introduction of two Roman costumed characters; updated audio guides; and new accessibility features for Baths visitors. 

Group rates 

Special rates are available for groups visiting the Roman Baths with 20 people or more people. Plus, one GTO per party will gain free access when booking a group visit to the Roman Baths.

Group tours and guides can be arranged also.

More about the East Baths

The East Baths would have contained a large tepid bath fed by the water that flowed through a pipe from the Great Bath.

In the fourth century, a series of heated rooms were developed and grew in size until the Roman Baths site reached its maximum. 

The main features of the East Baths are a plunge pool, hot room, warm room, tepid bath, and changing room. Visitors will be able to see the remains of these rooms.

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