Dinosaurs in the Wild

An immersive theatre production called Dinosaurs in the Wild will visit venues in Birmingham and Manchester from June.

Dinosaurs in the Wild is a 70-minute-long immersive theatrical production that will transport audiences back 65 million years to 'meet' the dinosaurs.

The show will be held at the NEC in Birmingham between 24th June and 4th August, before moving to Manchester's Event City where it will be on from 7th October until 7th January 2018.

What will Dinosaurs in the Wild involve?

Groups visiting Dinosaurs in the Wild will enjoy 3D effects, animatronics, cutting-edge CGI, live actors and the latest museum-accurate research.

Audiences will follow the adventures of time-travelling scientists who study real dinosaurs instead of fossils, and witness sights such as dinosaurs emerging from eggs, herds of dinosaurs roaming Cretaceous plains, and an angry T-rex.

The production also features dinosaurs such as Triceratops and Ankylosaurus; an insight into a scientific research station; a dinosaur autopsy; and recreated footage of herds of dinosaurs roaming the planet.

Dinosaurs in the Wild is not an arena show where visitors sit and observe passively. Audiences are encouraged to think of the experience as a kind of safari, where you travel back in time with expert guides and actually experience what life was like 67 million years ago, surrounded by living dinosaurs in the wild.

You can watch the trailer below for more about Dinosaurs in the Wild:

Group visits

Groups of all sizes are welcome to experience Dinosaurs in the Wild, and tickets are available to book now.

For tickets to the NEC in Birmingham, group travel organisers should call 0800-358 0058.

For Event City Manchester, call 0844-412 4650 or email groups@seetickets.com.

For further information visit www.dinosaursinthewild.com/groups.