Islamic Vase on display at the Coalbrookdale School of Art exhibition

The gallery, part of the Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron and Ironbridge Gorge Museums in Shropshire, will be open Schooling Good Taste later this month.

The exhibition, Schooling Good Taste, The Coalbrookdale School of Art, 1856-1924, will officially open on 21st March and will be running until 21st December.

The free displays will explore the story of the Coalbrookdale School of Art, the artists and the artwork that came out of the school. 

Learn about Victorian aesthetics 

The collection will showcase original design work and objects from the Coalbrookdale Company, Maw & Co and Craven Dunnill & Co, currently held in the Ironbridge Gorge Museum’s Library and Archives. 

Themes of style, taste and design movements will explore the broader story of Victorian aesthetics. 

Included in the exhibition are several pieces by John Windsor Bradburn, who in 1872 at the age of 11, was sent to the Coalbrookdale School of Art, where he was employed as a trainee draughtsman. In later years Bradburn was involved in several large-scale projects undertaken by Maw & Co., including producing floor tiles for the Marriage Pavilion in Mysore Palace, India.

A key exhibit will be the Roll of Honour for the school. This document details students from the Coalbrookdale School of Art who received prizes for their work. 

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