Cloud Crash

Group travel organisers taking a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester before next February will be able to see a new exhibition called Cloud Crash.

The exhibition, which will focus on climate change, will open this month. 

Three new site-specific works have been created for the exhibition. These works depict micro-climates and manufactured airspaces of artificially engineered clouds, in what’s described as an imaginative appropriation of atmospheric cloud research.

The exhibition also portrays the effect of human action on the environment – in a number of technicolour displays.

The works have been created by Paris-based artists HeHe, who are said to have taken inspiration from English scientist James Lovelock.

In their engagement with the industrial landscape, HeHe reportedly blur the boundaries between natural and man-made clouds.

Cloud Crash will be free to enter.

More about MOSI

Groups will find plenty to see and do at the Museum of Science and Industry, including other exhibitions – both temporary and permanent.

Destination Stations, for example, is a permanent exhibition that focuses on the role of railway stations in everyday life.

The exhibit offers a glimpse into the expansion of railways, focussed on Manchester and the route to London.

Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond, meanwhile, is another new temporary exhibition, running until June 2017.

In this exhibition, groups can discover the history of graphite and graphene, journey with scientists and artists exploring the cutting edge of material technology and immerse themselves in the wonders of a two dimensional world.

Group booking

Group travel organisers planning a visit to the Museum of Science and Industry can book in advance via an online form here.

Entry to the museum is free and there is a café and restaurant, and a gift shop on site, too.

For further information visit