Predators at Longleat

Longleat in Wiltshire will host a summer long display of animatronic predators, including sharks, crocodiles and bears. 

The new displays will run from 24th March until 3rd September, offering visitors the chance to see some of the planet’s greatest predators come to life through technology. 

Groups visiting the new Predators attraction will spot more than a dozen realistic animatronic animals including a polar bear, a great white shark, a saltwater crocodile, a lion, a tiger and an extinct sabre-toothed cat.

Visitors will get to learn about the adaptations that have created these deadly predators, and explore the different habitats within which they hunt.

Learn more about predators… of the past 

Also new this year, Longleat has teamed up with the Natural History Museum to host T. Rex: The Killer Question from 24th May to 3rd September, an exhibition which invites visitors to decide whether these dinosaurs were truly fearsome hunters or sneaky scavengers. 

The immersive displays will encourage visitors to take on the role of palaeontologists; evaluating a T. Rex's size, the power in its legs, length of its arms, and the sharpness of its teeth, to decide if its physical features were best suited to catch prey or to steal carcasses.

Returning events at Longleat

As well as these new events, there will also be a welcome return to Longleat for the popular Fantastic Fireworks display from 1st to 3rd November. 

Viscountess Weymouth will be heading up a two-day Food Festival on 23rd and 24th June with a number of celebrity guests, plus the skies of Wiltshire will once again be filled with dozens of hot air balloons as part of the three-day international Sky Safari between 14th and 16th September.

The Great British Autumn season, running from 20th October until 4th November, will celebrate all things autumnal and Longleat will once again be showcasing some of the many traditional events associated with the season. Ghost Tours, which see visitors exploring creepy corridors and unseen attics in search of some of Longleat House’s ghoulish residents, are returning for another year, too.

Group rates are available for those with 12 or more members. Organisers can choose from a selection of packages for their group visit.

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