Blenheim Palace Classic & Supercar gets a makeover for 2019

Date Posted: 10/01/2019

The formerly known Blenheim Palace Classic & Supercar will become Salon Privé Classic & Supercar this year as it makes a few changes ahead of the event.

Blenheim Palace Classic & Supercar, now namely Salon Privé Classic & Supercar, is an addition of a 4th day for Salon Privé, the annual car event held in the palace grounds in Oxfordshire.

The event, which is still under construction, will take place on 8th September, with further details to come in the following months.

What to expect from the event

The whole event, which incorporates Salon Privé and Salon Privé Classic & Supercar will take place between 5th and 8th September.

It will expand to include not just the South Lawn but also the Great Court and surrounding parkland. 

Previously visitors to Blenheim Palace Classic & Supercar only had access to the Great Court. The Salon Privé Classic & Supercar will give visitors the opportunity to access the Salon Privé South Lawn where an automotive garden party will take place and where automotive displays and experiences await for the duration of the event.

There will be two ticket options available for the South Lawn and Great Court and in both areas there will be displays of machines.

The Great Court will see around 80 privately owned supercars with the parkland featuring over 1000 Bentleys.

The South Lawn Enclosure will invite guests to view supercars and hypercars alongside rare classics and luxury brands.

Group information

Ticket details for the event are yet to be announced. More details can be expected in February.

Groups visiting Blenheim Palace throughout the year can contact 01993 815600 for more information about visiting. Pre-booking is recommended.

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