Theatre Royal Bath

The Theatre Royal Bath has announced its programme for next spring, which will include three new in-house productions.

Opening the season will be newly discovered comedy Agnes Colander by Harley Granville Barker from 15th March. This will be followed by the UK premiere of Samuel D.Hunter’s The Whale, from 26th April.

Theatre Royal Bath’s main house will see a specially commissioned new thriller, Sherlock Holmes: The Final Curtain by Simon Reade after Arthur Conan Doyle, which will run from 25th April.

Groups of ten or more and groups of 20 or more can benefit from discounted tickets.

Synopsis: Agnes Colander

The show will run from 15th March until 14th April and will be directed by Trevor Nunn. It follows the story of Agnes, an artist, who has left her unfaithful husband Henry. Now he writes to her in her Kensington studio begging to reunite, but Agnes married young; her innocence is gone, and her ambition and independence is growing. As she travels from London to France, Agnes finds herself torn between Otho, a worldly Danish artist and Alec, an infatuated younger suitor, between longing to paint and be an independent woman and a yearning to be loved.

Synopsis: The Whale

The Whale will be running from 26th April until 26th May. The story follows Charlie, a reclusive online writing instructor, living marooned on a couch. Weighing in at six hundred pounds, he is slowly eating himself to death. But redemption may be within reach as he tries to reconnect with his estranged, sharp-tongued daughter. A conveyor belt of visitors move through his living room, from his friend and nurse Liz, the sister of his deceased boyfriend, to Elder Thomas, a hopeful young missionary and Mary, his ex-wife. Can any of them help him to see a future?

Synopsis: Sherlock Holmes: The Final Curtain

The show will run from 25th April until 5th May. All too aware that he’s older and slower, Sherlock Holmes is concerned he might have lost his touch, paranoid that he is an easy target for his enemies. He never truly believed Moriarty – his arch nemesis – died at the Reichenbach Falls. So when Mary Watson tracks him down to tell him she has seen her long-dead son through the window of 221B Baker Street, apparently alive and well, Holmes is determined to solve the mystery and confront his own demons at the same time.

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