From yoga poses to Italian cuisine, celebrity fashion to archaeology, Star Clippers has revealed new themed sailings for 2019.

Star Clipper

The company is offering ten themed itineraries onboard its three tall ships in 2019, including sailings through the Mediterranean, South Asia and Caribbean. 

Among them are five sailings with yoga practitioners onboard, others with a celebrity fitness instructor, a famous fashion stylist, an Italian chef and a published author in Mediterranean history and archaeology.

Sailing with Star Clippers

Five of the new voyages will feature yoga sessions which could see you stretching and meditating beneath the sails. Each practitioner leading the session is trained to guide participants of all levels in the benefits of yoga and meditation. 

Former model and celebrity personal trainer Joel Harper will bring his custom workouts to guests on board Star Flyer’s sailing from St. Maarten on 23rd March 2019. This holiday is about catering to people wanting to stay in shape whilst cruising with like-minded people.

Neapolitan chef, Armando Bisceglia, joins Royal Clipper’s round-trip sailing from Rome on 7th September 2019. The Italian celebrity chef will be bringing Italian cuisine onboard while the ship drops anchor along the Amalfi coast, visits the volcanic island of Lipari off the coast of Sicily, and sails past the erupting volcano on the island of Stromboli. 

Two archaeology-themed cruises, accompanied by historian and author Renata Scheiper, are scheduled for May. Sailing from Athens around the Cyclades islands, the Scheiper’s presentations aim to enlighten guests on the history of ancient Greece and the archaeology of the Mediterranean.

Professional and celebrity stylist Samantha Brown joins Royal Clipper on 1st June, for a sailing from Cannes, France. Informal sessions for interested guests will help them understand styles and fashions suited to their lifestyles.

Each sailing offers an experience of cruising under sail, dropping anchor in ports and harbours inaccessible to large cruise ships, and enjoying life on board, with informal dining and the partly al fresco Tropical Bar.

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