NotMoses%2C written and directed by Gary Sinyor

Award winning film-maker Gary Sinyor has written and will direct his first comedy play, NotMoses, which will undertake a ten week run at the Arts Theatre from 10th March until 14th May.

The NotMoses set is designed by Carla Goodman with lighting by Humphrey McDermott, and casting is yet to be announced.


Set in Ancient Egypt, NotMoses is the story of a crying baby who is plucked from his basket by a princess only to be dumped back in the Nile when she sees a nicer baby, Moses. NotMoses grows up a disgruntled slave whilst Prince Moses studies accountancy at Pharaoh’s court.

When both men are forced to flee into the Sinai desert, the Good Lord himself orders them to lead the Jews out of bondage and into a land full of cows and bees. And eventually, it’s the alluring Miriam – a woman – who leads the exodus.

Makers of the production have expressed that NotMoses is an important work that answers the question that has troubled mankind throughout the ages: like the meaning of adultery.

Audiences can expect bawdy humour and jokes suitable only for those over the age of 12. 

Gary Sinyor

After graduating from the National Film and Television School with BAFTA nominated The Unkindest Cut, Gary Sinyor was commissioned by Monty Python star Eric Idle to write Leon the Pig Farmer.

Sinyor went on to win the Venice International Film Festival’s Critics Choice Award and the Evening Standard Award for Best Newcomer.

Sinyor has written, directed or produced numerous feature films including Retreat, In Your Dreams, and Bob The Butler.

Others include The Bachelor with Renee Zellweger and Stiff Upper Lips with Peter Ustinov and Prunella Scales.

Last year he directed and produced the improvised mockumentary United We Fall about a group of failed footballers.

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