South Quay Travel & Leisure has started the year by launching a selection of Short Breaks by Rail, which will be available for group bookings.

The aim of the programme is to provide customers in the UK with quality European short breaks travelling by train and taking advantage of the growing high-speed rail network on mainland Europe.

From France to The Netherlands 

A series of set-date departures are in place with city-centre stays in France, Belgium and The Netherlands. To complete the packages, a city card, where applicable, will be included giving access to public transport and many visitor attractions, allowing customers much scope to pursue their own area of interest at leisure.

This year sees the introduction of Bordeaux to the destination list, including a wine-tasting excursion to the surrounding vineyards. The wine capital has been in the spotlight recently due to the 2016 opening of Cite du Vin, a ‘modern-day monumental museum’ dedicated to the world heritage of wine. 

Customers travelling to Amsterdam will benefit from a direct service and those travelling to Antwerp will get to enjoy the year-long festival ‘Antwerp Baroque 2018 - Rueben’s Inspires’ where old Baroque meets new Baroque in memory of the man who put a face to the city 400 years ago. 

Managing director, Peter Stratton, commented: “The high-speed revolution happening in Europe opens up a whole host of destinations – easily accessible to the UK market. To be in Brussels within less than two hours is quite incredible.”

Group information

For more information or to request a copy of the rail brochure, group organisers can call 01708-802388 or e-mail

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