The Vaults

Dinner at the Twits is a new immersive dining experience due to run at The Vaults in London from 4th September to 30th October.

The experience, lasting 90 minutes and combining a dinner and a show, is based on the characters and story from the Roald Dahl book.

The children’s book, The Twits, is about a mean couple that nobody would like to know. They are hairy, dirty, smelly and generally unpleasant. Mr and Mrs Twit play nasty tricks on each other, keep a family of monkeys, and catch birds with glue in order to cook them in a pie.

In a similar funny yet repulsive style, a Dinner at the Twits evening will include a banquet of deliciously disgusting dishes, to be enjoyed with homemade cocktails, Mr Twit’s special brew and Mrs Twit’s potent punch.

The dining experience will be set in what looks like The Twit’s windowless house and dank garden. The dinner is accompanied by 90 minutes of funny entertainment from ‘the worst hosts ever’.

Groups can also visit the bar after the performance has finished. Here, audience members can relax and have a drink, all in the 'comfort' of Mr and Mrs Twits’ home.

Dinner at the Twits will be produced by Les Enfants Terribles Theatre Company and ebp, the creators of Olivier Award nominated Alice’s Adventures Underground and The Game’s Afoot – previous immersive experiences.

The experience has also been created in collaboration with the gastronomy team from Bompas & Parr and the creative team at Creature of London.

Casting for Dinner at the Twits will be announced closer to the time.

Group booking information

Groups of ten or more will benefit from a reduced booking fee of £1 per ticket.

GTOs should call 0844-248 1215 to make a booking; or go online to book for parties of up to nine people.

For further information visit