A new theme park is due to open in Antwerp, Belgium, in Easter 2017 called Comics Station, and will be designed around the theme of comic books.

Belgium is famed for its comic books, and Comics Station will be what’s described as an indoor theme and experience park, developed around popular Belgian comic book characters such as The Smurfs.

The park has taken its name partly from Antwerp’s Central Station and will offer an event venue in addition to its other attractions.

The official opening date is currently confirmed as 27th March.

What can groups do at Comics Station?

The park will be divided into six zones. Each zone is dedicated to one of six cartoon characters and will provide a specific environment relating to that figure for groups to explore.

The six popular figures comprise Lucky Luke, The Kiekeboes, Jommeke, Willy and Wanda, Urbanus, and The Smurfs.

There will be mechanical rides and digital and interactive activities in the six zones, as well as live entertainment throughout the park.

Another highlight in the park will be an interactive exhibition called Comics Garden, which will display a number of comic strips in different shapes and sizes. The exhibition will also present the history of the Belgian comic strip to give visitors an insight into the heritage of the comic in Belgium.

In addition, there will be a reading area, a creative corner, a theatre and a cinema, as well as a secret seventh zone. The park will also boast a large catering area and a gift shop.

Comics Station will be open to the general public during weekends, on Wednesdays and on all holidays in Belgium and the Netherlands. It will offer something to visitors of all ages.

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