Koala Creek is currently the secreted home of Longleat’s newest residents but is due to open to the public in March 2019 and will allow visitors to get up close to koalas and wombats.

Longleat Koala Creek

Five Southern koalas and two hairy nosed wombats recently travelled from Adelaide to the Wiltshire based safari park, and are now settling into the purpose built enclosure away from the public-eye.

A behind-the-scenes look at Koala Creek

The newly-created habitat features a natural stream, climbing poles, viewing areas, dedicated indoor and outdoor enclosures, glass fronted wombat burrows and offers behind-the-scenes views of the koala care unit.

The one-way system through the Koala Creek enclosure will give groups the chance to come face-to-face with the Southern Australian animals.

Upon entering, visitors will be able to peek into the Eucalyptus store, which contains the koala’s main source of food.

Moving on and into the welcoming outdoor area, visitors will be able to see detailed profiles of the four female and one male Southern koalas that live within Koala Creek.

The sleeping quarters for both the resident koalas and the wombats can then be viewed up-close from within the indoor environment.

Afterwards, the sandy habitat of the wombats, which is located just outside of the indoor area, will provide the chance to get up close to the inquisitive creatures as they try to greet passing visitors on their way out.

The koalas’ arrival marks the beginning of Longleat’s partnership with the Southern Australian Government and Cleland Wildlife Park, which has resulted in the park becoming the European hub for the newly-created International Koala Centre of Excellence (ICKE).

The partnership also signifies the start of their international breeding and awareness programme and sees Longleat become one of only two locations in the UK, and the only one in Europe, to keep the southern species of koala.  

Group benefits

A visit to Koala Creek is included in the price of group day tickets.

Pre-booked groups of 12 plus can enjoy exclusive perks such as 30 percent off day tickets, as well as free tickets for the organiser, driver tickets and meal vouchers.

To book direct call 01985 844328 or groups@longleat.co.uk.

For more information, visit www.longleat.co.uk/main-square/koala-creek.

Main Image: One of the koalas settling in at Longleat’s newest attraction, Koala Creek.