David Starkey unveiling Tudor portrait March 2012

Hever Castle in Kent, known for being the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, is undergoing a transformation to tell the story of the Tudors.

A permanent exhibition in Hever Castle’s Long Gallery will depict the entire saga from the War of the Roses to the Reformation through its art collection. It will be guest curated by renowned historian and television and radio presenter, David Starkey.

Visitors will be able to see the new permanent exhibition from autumn 2018.

Paintings and a new guide

The Tudor period remains an important era in English History, and through a variety of paintings hung in dynastic order, the tale of the Tudors will be told.

The Long Gallery, created in 1506 by Thomas Boleyn, will be transformed with new lighting, redecoration and paintings displayed in the style of the 16th century.

The ornate plasterwork that adorns the Long Gallery ceiling has been painted a softer off-white to give the effect of lime wash, plus full length drapes will be reinstalled at the large stained glass windows situated at each end of the room.

Religious vestments will also be displayed alongside the original artwork and period chairs will relocate from other rooms of the castle.

Insight from David Starkey will be provided in a multimedia device that will deliver a guide to understanding the impact that the Boleyn family made on English history.

David Starkey has previously stated that: “Hever Castle has one of the best collection of Tudor portraits after the National Portrait Gallery”.

He has praised the current owners, the Guthrie family, for their ongoing acquisition of artwork and said that it was an “enormous achievement at a time when most houses are diminishing their collections”.

Discounted admission rates and free entry for the group leader and coach driver are available at Hever Castle.

For further information visit www.hevercastle.co.uk.