Tudor cookery at Hampton Court Palace

On the first weekend of every month, groups visiting Hampton Court Palace can join the palace’s food historians as they recreate recipes from Tudor times.

Visitors to the kitchen on these weekends will be able to see the cooking process that would have taken place under Henry VIII’s reign, from the raw ingredients to the finished product, as well as see the equipment needed to prepare and cook meals for the Royal Court.

Groups will be able to see the historic meals created live in front of them, as well as ask the staff questions about the creative process.

Additionally, those heading down to the kitchens as part of a visit to the palace during the week will have the opportunity to see meat being roasted on a spit rack, as was the tradition of Medieval chefs.

This will take place daily; and admission to the kitchens as well as to the live culinary events is included in group tickets.

55 rooms make a royal kitchen

The Tudor kitchens at Hampton Court Palace were of great importance during King Henry VIII’s reign.

He had the kitchen facilities extended in 1529. Comprising 55 rooms, the cooking area covers over 900 square meters and was originally staffed by 200 people who provided 600 meals a day, twice a day for the Royal Court.

The kitchen had six fireplaces with spit-racks, only one of which remains – and this is what visitors will see on a culinary-themed visit today.

You can watch the video below to get an idea of how Tudor chefs used to cope with the formidable job of cooking for so many people:

Group visits

GTOs will receive discounted tickets when booking for parties of 15 or more. Tickets include access to the palace, outdoor maze and gardens, plus a multi-language audio guide.

Guided tours of the palace and grounds are available to book in advance also.

For further information GTOs should call 0844-482 7770 or visit www.hrp.org.uk/hampton-court-palace.