The team at Coldharbour Mill in Cullompton, Devon, has revealed its new group offer for 2021 which includes a highlights tour that aims to showcase industrial heritage at its very best.

Coldharbour Mill

Source: Coldharbour Mill

Coldharbour Mill has launched its groups package for 2021.

Whether your group is interested in heritage, steam power, social history, crafts or military history, the tour is said to cover all these themes and more.

Visitors will see the full working Victorian factory and have the opportunity to trace how wool is turned into yarn and fabrics as part of the experience.

If the booking is made on one of the regular ‘Steam Days’, groups will also be able to experience the team lighting the Lancashire boilers to run the original mill engine and beam engine.

Largely untouched since Victorian times, Coldharbour today remains in production using heritage looms, wool spinning machines, power sources and machinery to produce yarns and textiles. 

It is recognised by Historic England as one of the best preserved and important textile mill complexes in the country and visitors can learn how introducing steam and water power proved to be the turning point in history – revolutionising not only production but every part of daily life.

The team is also working on a new set of group menus to choose from. Ideally, group menu options will be selected in advance with confirmation of numbers so staff can fully prepare for the group booking. Group organisers can make dining enquiries by emailing

More group perks

  • Visitors can stop at the Waterside Café which seats 40 inside, with additional outdoor seating.
  • Large free coach parking is available.
  • Coach drivers receive a meal voucher, free hot drinks, free admission and a £5 voucher to spend in the mill shop. 
  • A 10% discount also applies for groups in the mill shop.
  • Full disabled access throughout the site.

For more information about the tour and to book tickets, visit