Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP) has announced expansion plans which will create new reserves and introduce new species to its conservation and welfare work.

YWP puts animal welfare at the heart of all its activities, being home to a diverse range of animals such as polar bears, black rhinos, amur leopards, tigers, lions, giraffes, African painted dogs, lemurs and meerkats.

This expansion will allow room for more animal reserves and more conservation work to take place, as well as improved facilities for visitors.

About the planned expansion

YWP has secured 150 acres of land adjacent to the current site, which is expected to enable a natural expansion of the existing park and a new access fromHurst Lane.

It is also working with consultants and the Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council to develop a plan for new car parks and optimum traffic management, which will mean easier access for visitors.

A visitor hub is also being designed at the new entrance, which aims to include a hotel and supporting visitor facilities, including restaurants and leisure shopping.

In addition, it will include the relocation of the existing Safari Village shopping area, in a bid to attract a wider audience from around the country.

The YWP team is currently holding talks with the community, business leaders, councilors and politicians about the plans, as the project is still in its early stages.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Visitors can enjoy anything from breakfast, through to afternoon tea, to special events with fine dining and entertainment.

The park also features the Safari Village with its range of shops and outlets serving food and refreshments.

Groups of ten and more can enjoy group discounts and should call 01302-535057 for information on booking.

For more information, visit www.yorkshirewildlifepark.com.