Groups can turn their world upside down with a visit to a newly opened café in the German town of Wertheim, which turns everything on its head.

Toppels is the invention of Andreas Haken who wanted to explore the world the wrong way round, from the ceiling.

The exterior sees a house turned upside down and an overturned car hanging from the carport on the first floor.

According to Toppels, construction involved building Toppels the correct way round before lifting and turning it around using two large cranes. 

Inside is possibly even more disorientating with more than 200 items of furniture and household items hanging from the ceiling to create an upside world where the law of gravity appears defied.

Groups are invited to take photos and display them upside down so it looks as if they are hanging from the ceiling. Images have already been captured of what looks like people having fallen head first into a toilet, or cooking whilst dangling from the ceiling.

The café offers a selection of pastries and drinks, but with an upside down menu, drinks served in upside down mugs and seating on lampshades on the ‘ceiling’, it is not a tea and cake experience most groups may recognise.

Wertheim is a town in south west Germany, approximately an hour south east of Frankfurt.

Directs flights to Frankfurt are available from Stanstead, Heathrow and London City.

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Photo credit: Lena Reichwein/Red Penguin Films.