Wordsworth House and Garden will see two new exhibitions open next year which will showcase the surrounding landscapes.

Wordsworth House

Wordsworth House and Garden, in Cumbria, is the childhood home of poet William Wordsworth who would have lived there during the 1700s.

The first exhibition, This Land is Our Land, will explore the power of nature and how it shapes human life and the world we live in.

Contributing to the exhibition will be writers Robert Macfarlane, Sarah Hall and Hunter Davis, artist Julian Heaton Cooper and others in the Lake District.

The display will be open between 9th March and 8th September.

The second exhibition will be titled Under Northern Skies and will be open between 16th September and 27th October. This display will be worked on with young curators from the local communities.

During the exhibition, Wordsworth House will host displays and installations which showcase the environmental concerns of the present day.

Admission to the exhibitions is free with tickets into the house and garden.

Besides the two exhibitions, visitors will also get to partake in a selection of evening and day-time talks, as well as a programme of events which will take place alongside the displays.

Group visits to Wordsworth House and Gardens

Groups visiting the attraction can enjoy both the house and gardens and can receive special rates. 

House and garden tours are available and are suitable for groups of up to 15. Tours last about half an hour.

In addition to a standard visit, parties can also book a ten-minute costumed servant talk which will give your group a better insight into Georgian life. These talks are available for up to 20 people.

Talks include the following: Poetic remembrances; A passionate nature; The horrible truth about Georgian life; Undressing the Wordsworths; and How green was my Georgian.

For more information, visit www.nationaltrust.org.uk/wordsworth-house-and-garden