Familiarisation trips should only be attended if you’re definitely interested in the attraction, says Grumpy Group Organiser.

Group at Hever Castle

A fam trip should not be used as a “cheap holiday”.

So… where do I begin?

For me, familiarisation trips are worth their weight in gold, but only if both the group organiser and host has chosen wisely.

I say this because we should only attend if we are genuinely interested in the venue, attraction or tour - and the host should do their due diligence to hopefully avoid any time-wasters.

GTOs who use fam trips as a cheap holiday should be named and shamed. I see it happen and it makes my blood boil - even more than watching that hapless lot at Westminster.

But dear me, it’s also the whinging and complaining that gets me. I attended a fam trip recently and was aghast at one or two people who had clearly not studied the itinerary. If our day included a gentle stroll between venues it was like you had asked them to walk over hot coals. How on Earth do you lead a group?

Basic fitness levels akin to doing a weekly shop around Tesco should not be difficult. If you get out of breath walking up the stairs, can I suggest you might need to take better care of yourself? And if you’re a ‘freeloader’ you will be found out and given a one-way ticket to the Twilight Zone.