Grumpy Group Organiser chats about Ryanair regulations and geographical grammar.

Suitcase and passport

Source: Pixabay

I’ve lost count of the number of stories I have written about airlines over the years - so many gems, so many faux pas to pass comment on. So what’s the latest? Ryanair never goes too long without making headlines, often for all the wrong reasons. Its latest policy change may infuriate millions but gets the big thumbs-up from yours truly.

From November, the airline (you cannot call any of them budget anymore, surely?), will no longer allow passengers to take small suitcases on-board for free.

The problem is of course of their own making. Ryanair, like so many others, charge for checked-in luggage and so people go without an extra pair of pants and grow hair (no razors) to ensure they only travel with ‘carry on’ bags. It saves a few pounds and means they don’t have to wait for the carousel to get moving at the other end. Not that it benefits a group who have to wait for everyone anyway, but don’t get me started on stragglers at airports.

Obviously there are caveats and terms to this new policy and you can still take a small carry-on bag on-board, if it is small enough to fit under the seat in front of you. Although that doesn’t mean that the sound of groans and moans snowballing into a crescendo of negative feedback will disappear. But not me.

I can’t stand hunting for overhead luggage space when everyone else seems to have brought the kitchen sink with them. Surely the hold below is half empty? Maybe I could pick a spot down there, kick back and relax? This is a sensible new policy and I’m sure Ryanair will enjoy their new revenue stream - not that this was the intention, of course.

Land’s End now has an apostrophe in world-changing move

It’s official: Cornwall Council has too much time on its hands. Forget crime, over-crowding during peak season, bin collections or even school funding; no, the council has spent its time debating the important subject of apostrophes.

I have often laid awake at night wondering if Land’s End needed one or not. You probably have too. Apparently, Land’s End has been spelled with and without an apostrophe and something had to be done.

The last straw was when someone typed ‘Land’s End’ into Google which then asked, ‘Did you mean Lands End?’. An apostrophe has now officially been added to the name so I hope everything is clear and we can move on - oh, and sleep soundly.

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