Poole Tourism itinerary planner

Poole Tourism has launched a new downloadable itinerary planner specifically designed to help group travellers and coach parties visiting the area.

The planner, which is available to download and print from the Poole Tourism website, provides a number of suggestions as to how groups can explore Poole in Dorset and make the most of how much time they have there.

For example, the resource has a number of recommendations for those on an ‘express visit’ – that is, two hours or less.

Groups are encouraged to ‘wander along the quay taking in the harbour views, stopping at Poole Museum (free entry) for an insight into Poole’s fascinating history’, and to ‘visit Poole Pottery, adjacent to the coach drop off point’.

Poole Pottery boasts what’s said to be the largest collection of Poole Pottery in the world, and visitors can see live demonstrations in the working studio or stop for lunch in the Pottery Café.

For groups planning a longer stay in Poole, there are plenty of options in the new planner – many of which focus on particular interests.

Groups spending a day and an evening can theme their day around Poole’s history and heritage, for example. Activities in the morning, at lunchtime, in the afternoon and in the evening mean a full day’s itinerary is ready for groups to make use of.

The history and heritage itinerary suggestion includes a 90-minute tour of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) College, lunch at Poole Quay where a pit stop or a three course lunch can be enjoyed, and a walk around Poole’s old town.

A self-guided Cockle Trail of Poole’s fishing history and an evening ghost walk are further ideas.

Other itineraries are themed by outdoor adventures, gardens, park and beaches, and seasonal highlights.

GTOs should visit www.pooletourism.com/downloads to download the itinerary planner.