Vikings%3A Rediscover the Legend

A major new exhibition that focuses on Vikings will be opening this May at a number of museums across the UK.

The exhibition, Vikings: Rediscover the Legend will be opening on 19th May at the Yorkshire Museum.

The exhibition will then tour and go on to visit the University of Nottingham, The Atkinson, Southport, Aberdeen Art Gallery and Norwich Castle Museum.

Vikings: Rediscover the Legend

The exhibition will feature what is said to be the most significant Viking treasure hoard ever discovered in Britain.

It will display some internationally significant Anglo-Saxon and Viking discoveries too, as well as focus on how Vikings transformed life in Britain.

Key objects from the British Museum will also feature alongside collections from the Yorkshire Museum and will be interpreted in new ways to give a fresh perspective on how Vikings shaped aspects of British life. 

Also on display will be research done by archaeologists and new discoveries by metal detectorists.

More details of the exhibition are to be released soon.

More about the exhibition

The Yorkshire Museum offers a discount for groups with 10 or more people.

The exhibition is delivered by the Yorkshire Museum in partnership with the British Museum.

Natalie McCaul, curator of archaeology at the Yorkshire Museum, said: “This is a unique opportunity to see some of the best Viking treasures in the UK displayed together for the first time.

“It will feature stand out loans from the British Museum alongside our fantastic collections, combined with new research, new technology and exciting displays.”

Maria Bojanowska, Dorset Foundation head of National programmes at the British Museum said: “Viking: Rediscover the Legend will shed new light on some of the most significant Viking Hoards to be found in this country.”

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