Improv theatre

An opening date has been set for a new theatre in the south west; the Bristol Improv Theatre – described as a first for the UK – will open on 3rd March.

The new theatre is reportedly the UK's first full-time theatre space devoted to improvised comedy and theatre.

Work starts this month to transform a former members' club in the Clifton area of Bristol into a dedicated 100-seat theatre with a bar, rehearsal space and offices for creative start-ups.

Once opened, there are plans to fundraise further to fully equip the space for performance and teaching, creating a hub for Bristol's growing improvisation community.

A free launch event will take place on the evening of 3rd March; audiences can sit and watch the action unfold on stage, or join in with some improvisation games to learn first-hand what improv theatre is all about.

What can audiences expect?

The Bristol Improv Theatre has been described as an exciting addition to Bristol's thriving arts scene.

Improvisation or 'improv' has reportedly been experiencing a recent growth in popularity in the UK. Once open, the new theatre will be a centre for the continued development of the art-form.

A varied programme will introduce audiences to improvised theatre, give local artists the opportunity to develop new work, and welcome national and international improv companies to Bristol.

Events and performances will range from scheduled performances from theatre groups, including women’s group Waiting For The Call on 9th June.

The theatre will also encourage non-performers to have a go at improv themselves.

Group tickets

Group travel organisers can book up to 20 tickets on the Bristol Improv Theatre website.

Alternatively, GTOs can call 07936-617158 for more about group bookings.

For further information visit