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This summer, Marwell Zoo in Hampshire will open a new lemur walkthrough exhibit that will allow visitors to get up close to these primates.

The walkthrough will focus of the evolution of lemurs over the years and will take visitors both indoors and outdoors to see what a lemur environment is like in the wild.

There will be members of the zoo staff on hand to teach groups about the primates and their habitats.

The new exhibit is part of a £17 million investment programme for Marwell Zoo which will continue to take place of the next ten years. 

The programme will create new and improved habitats for the animals and offer an immersive experience for visitors.

Also included in the investment programme will be a new £7.8 million tropical house, designed to hold an array of current and new species that will be heated by an anaerobic digester – powered by the animals’ waste. This is set to open in 2018.

More for groups at Marwell Zoo

There are more than 140 acres for groups to explore on a visit to Marwell Zoo and hundreds of animals to discover, such as giant anteaters, white rhinos, amur tigers, owls and giraffes.

Groups can get involved in animal talks and feeds, plus take a ride on the zoo’s train.

The zoo’s biggest exhibit is the Wild Explorers exhibit which looks at the African wilderness and the animals that live in such an environment, like zebras to horned oryx.

Groups with more than 12 people can benefit from group rates.

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