Longleat Longhouse.

Longleat in Wiltshire has created a new indoor venue in the shape of a traditional longhouse, which is capable of accommodating large groups for a range of events.

The longhouse has been built using redwood timber sourced directly from the Longleat estate. Measuring almost 50 metres in length, it is said that the new longhouse could accommodate two blue whales, whilst at 12 metre tall its roof space is higher than two adult giraffe.

It has been designed as a multi-purpose space for groups of up to 500 people. Dining or dinner dance events held at the longhouse can accommodate between 240 and 280 people.

Anna Walton, Longleat’s corporate and groups manager, said: “We wanted to create a striking, purpose-built structure which is extremely flexible and incorporates the latest technology including wi-fi, PA and AV equipment.

“It was also vitally important it blended in well with its historic surroundings, but was also a unique and eye-catching building on its own terms.

“The sheer scale of the Longhouse with its high roof space makes it a very light and spacious interior whilst the use of natural wood throughout also ensures it is warm and welcoming.

“The timber which has been used to construct it was planted here at Longleat by a forester who still lives on the estate. As it ages naturally, the Longhouse’s redwood exterior will gradually change to a more silvery-grey colour.

“Throughout history the ‘longhouse’ has represented a space of gathering and celebration and we want this building to be our modern interpretation of those values."

Catering facilities, such as cold storage and food preparation, are available on site, as is a bar licence and private washrooms.

For more information visit www.longleat.co.uk.