The Goblet of Fire

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter will celebrate all things Goblet of Fire-related in a special feature running for almost five months next year. 

From Friday 30th March until Sunday 23rd September, The Goblet of Fire will return to the Great Hall for the first time since filming ended of the film with the same name.

Created by Pierre Bohanna and the prop-making department, the Goblet of Fire was carved from a single piece of wood, and new live demonstrations will show visitors how the parchment pieces were propelled out to reveal the Triwizard champions.

In addition, many new props and costumes from the Triwizard Tournament will be on display including those belonging to Barty Crouch Jr and Fred and George Weasley.

More in 2018

Next year will also see a special Dark Arts-themed Halloween season take place between Friday 28th September and Sunday 11th November, when visitors will discover the filmmaking secrets behind the wizarding world’s Dark Arts.

The Great Hall set will be decorated with over 100 pumpkins suspended from the ceiling as well as a Halloween feast dressing the long tables. Visitors are invited to try out their wand combat moves against Death Eaters in a live duel demonstrating how battle scenes were directed, all before walking down a darker, spookier Diagon Alley.

The year will conclude with the rerun of Hogwarts in the Snow, which will run from Saturday 17th November until Sunday 27th January 2019. The festive makeover will see part of the Great Hall transformed for the Yule Ball, the Gryffindor common room dressed for the season and a blanket of filmmaking snow covering the majestic Hogwarts castle model.

Visitors will even be able to touch samples of the different types of ‘snow’ used during production, each selected for its ability to float like falling snow, crunch under foot or glisten in the light like ice.

Groups are welcome at the Studio Tour and special rates are available.

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