Grumpy group organiser on airport delays, sending postcards and cheese.


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Which UK airports have the worst track record when it comes to flight delays? Of course, it is a question keeping many of us up at night so fear not, because the Civil Aviation Authority has revealed all.

It came as absolutely no surprise to me that flights from Luton Airport (is it not in London and I refuse to call it so) were delayed for longer than anywhere else in the UK. I often use Luton and it’s always hard work, whether in its crowded Departures area or waiting for what often seems like forever at baggage reclaim.

Luton was not the only slowcoach when it comes to flight delays; the latest data from the CAA shows that Gatwick, Jersey and Durham Tees Valley were not far behind, while Heathrow, Leeds Bradford and London City were the best at keeping us on time.

The CAA says the information in its analysis can help us make an informed choice about where we fly from. Not really CAA; most of us have a limited choice or only one convenient option at best. Just like airlines, we often have to put up with sub-standard because there is no other option.

Do postcards make you ‘appy?

I have accepted we live in a world where the smartphone is king. I often have to swerve when walking down the High Street so as to avoid the luddites glued to their screens rather than looking where they are going.

But sending a postcard via your mobile phone, where’s the fun in that? I want to browse the tacky souvenir shop looking for a photograph that glosses over the dump I have chosen to stay in. I enjoy the challenge of fitting as many words into that tiny white space as possible… to get my money’s worth. I even like buying an over-priced stamp and hunting for a postbox. Is this sacred holiday tradition about to die in favour of apps such as TouchNote and Postsnap? A few clicks and a swipe here and your postcard is on its way. No effort whatsoever. But guess what? Despite the technology surely I can take solace in the fact it still won’t arrive home before you do.

Who knew South Korea was so cheesey?

As if you needed another reason to visit South Korea, I read this month that there is a 32-acre cheese-themed amusement park. So, if you like your Brie and are partial to mozzarella this could be the stuff of dreams.

There are buildings that look like cheese wedges and cheese-themed rides. I cannot think of who conjured up the idea for the Imsel Cheese Theme Park but if there’s a giant fondue swimming pool count me in.

It just goes to show that someone, somewhere has thought of everything. I’m far too sane to be that inventive.

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