The Coffee Experience

A new coffee experience has launched at the Montague Hotel in London, and is designed to teach participants about the art of brewing coffee.

Aimed at ‘budding coffee connoisseurs’, the new masterclass, titled The Coffee Experience, is available for groups of up to 24 to book at one time.

The Coffee Experience takes place on the outdoor wood deck of the Montague Hotel, and group travel organisers making a group booking can enjoy private instruction.

The Coffee Experience

The new masterclass will see expertly brewed coffee served as part of an educational experience, combined with food pairings to complement the beans and brewing techniques.

The experience has been created in collaboration with Illy Coffee, and being situated on the hotel’s wood deck, overlooks the beautiful private gardens of the Bedford Estate.

Guests will be invited to choose two types of coffee bean from a bespoke selection of Illy's finest roasts. The Montague's team of coffee experts will then elaborate on the three different brewing techniques available, and take guests through the brewing process step by step.

Groups will discover how each coffee bean and brewing process produces different tastes and aromas, before enjoying the end result.

The Coffee Experience at The Montague will also include a selection of sweet and savoury food platters. Expertly brewed coffee is paired with a trio of mini sweet treats including coffee macaroons, macadamia chocolate brownies and the hotel's signature baked cheesecake.

A trio of savoury snacks including mac and cheese, mini cheeseburgers and the South African speciality of spring rolls will also be available to guests.

These platters have been specifically designed to complement the flavours of the different coffee beans and brewing techniques. 

The Coffee Experience is available to book between 2pm and 5pm, seven days a week. It’s currently running until the end of May/beginning of June; GTOs should call 020-7612 8416 to book.

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