Cheddar Gorge Unveils New-Look Museum Of Prehistory %7C Group Travel News %7C Cheddar Museum of Prehistory

A new and improved Museum of Prehistory is now open at Cheddar Gorge in Somerset.

The museum has been upgraded as part of the attraction’s £400,000 redevelopment and gives visitors the opportunity to discover how our forefathers developed skills such as fire-lighting and tool marking.

It will also display examples of weapons and equipment that would have been used millions of years ago.

The museum uses an illuminating timeline to show how humans have thrived and developed culturally.

Part of the timeline also uses illustrations and recreations of cave art, in an area where groups can experience trying cave art themselves.

The opening of the improved facility follows the recent opening of the new Dreamhunters – The Adventures Of Early Man attraction in Cox’s Cave.

Dreamhunters – The Adventures Of Early Man is a 100 meter route that takes visitors through eight natural chambers and tells the story of how our ancestors overcame ancient fears and fierce predators, and how they made tools and weapons needed to build shelters and hunt in order to protect their tribe.

The eight separate sections include an introduction, and sections on discovering flint and fire, defence from predators such as wolves, firearms and aspirations, culture and arts, how ancient man protected their homes from cave bears, hunting techniques and, in the final chamber, man’s triumph and mastery of his world.

Access to Dreamhunters - The Adventures Of Early Man and The Museum of Prehistory are both included in the general admission price of a visit to Cheddar Gorge and Caves.

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